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Muwah village is a geo- historic community, being one of the communities under the vast Pinyin-Clan located in Santa sub-division, mezam division in the North West region of Cameroon. The customs of Muwah village is the same for the entire Pinyin Clan and very similar for the grass fields of what is now called the North West Region of Cameroon.  The Fondom of Muwah-Pinyin is ruled by a King with rights to Kinghood acquired by birth following the lineage right of rule from the Paramount King of the Pinyin Clan and regularized with local state authorities as auxiliary of the state. 

King Taka as a descendant of Muluh Penn through Muluh Koh all the way down to King Taka IV have lead Muwah Fondom under the Pinyin Clan well as oral and recorded history holds and started from early 18th century and the coming of the Christian Missionaries. Moses Nchang Taka was the founder of the fondom of Muwah who became the traditional Head of Muwah when he moved from Buchi to Muwah, when he passed on in 1984, his son Taka Esau Njifor succeeded him and was formally enthroned as King of Muwah in 1982 and he reign until 2019. A document on file indicated that tax administration rights to the traditional ruler was reserved for Taka Moses and addressed to the District Officer i/c of Bamenda, West Cameroon for tax affairs. The subject matter was an application for a “Nominal Book”. This book was for the recording of tax collections in Muwah. Traditionally Muwah had five quarters, which have now grown to 8 quarters following population growth. The current population of Muwah is estimated at 10000 persons locally and with a growing diaspora constituency. Muwah has boundaries with Mofebe village, Santa area and west region of Cameroon 

Muwah Fondom and the Pinyin Clan

Over the years, Taka Nchang and Taka Nji of Muwah demonstrated high caliber of leadership that ended with absolutely fulfilling the culture of Installing his traditional stool at the central palace in the pinyin clan, Fon Godfred Ayaba of Pinyin had this to say,  “It is therefore an honor for me, as the clan head, to welcome the Traditional Hierarchy of Muwah Fondom to this Clan Palace, to fulfill and formalize the presence of King Taka IV, among the Clan Traditional leaders, and as a standing member of the Clan Fondom. He added that Stability and peace have been the major challenges, to foster peace and promote progress in the Clan, traditions and customs performed today must be adhered to be all and sundry. It is also very necessary that we undertake progressive actions that can propel the Clan forward, for the desired development. We are reminded that clan development requires commitment of all sons and daughters of the village. This is saying that peace must be maintained at all cost, under rain or sun. King Taka IV, like his father, will work to ensure that unity, peace and development are here to stay.” king Taka IV took over after the disappearance of his father in 2019 and is kin in following his development-oriented footsteps.

Colonial history

The Muwah community under the Pinyin Clan remained under German control until after the 1st world war, when North Western Cameroon became a British mandate territory. This situation remained until the British-administered Cameroons achieved independence in 1961.

The Muwah Development and Cultural Association (MUDECA) is a cultural group that brings people of this kingdom together wherever they might be in the world to promote their culture and assists in development projects in Muwah. The group has branches in major cities and towns in Cameroon and all over the world especially in Buea, Bamenda, Douala and Yaoundé in local towns in Cameroon and in South Africa, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. Annual celebrations are held in different cities wherever this association has been formed to celebrate and commune with each other. The first of such gathering known as a convention started in South Africa in 2010.  Several NGOs like global positive are linked to MUDECA for development of relationships, promotion of cultural values and activities and to contribute to the development of Muwah.


Muwah plays host to several tourism conveniences amongst which is a local museum and library located in Muwah Kings Palace, and is open to the public. This museum and library is a major tourist destination for people in the entire Pinyin Clan and Santa subdivision, with a gallery of art and craft dating back several centuries.

The most convenient time to visit the Muwah fondom is during the July periods to witness the Muwah youths unity tournament and December and New Year periods when the kingdom is celebrating the dry season.  During which the people celebrate and have the rare occasion of mixing with the King. At this period, the Muwah palace dance group displays great music and drumming as they enjoy the local delicacy called “Achu” and drink palm wind.

Schools, hospitals, and faith services

Muwah has several schools with the first being GSS Muwah, a Government technical school and plays host to several school going kids. Boosting of about seven churches amongst which include Baptist, Presbyterian and full gospel missions. Hospitals are attended in the central town in Santa subdivision and the Pinyin District hospital; however, private clinics exist in the area to serve common and emergency medical cases.

Kings ruling period.

Taka Awasuh – (Before 1919 – 1949)

Chief Taka Nchang II (1949 – 1980)

King Taka Nji III (1982 – 2019)

King Taka Muluh IV ( 2019 – till present)